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Date Added 03/10/2017

Over the last few years the club has been working hard to find land suitable to develop into our own home; this quest has been undertaken for a number of reasons:

  • Increase awareness of the club to encourage more players of all ages and abilities to play
  • It’s a BIG part of the clubs development plan
  • It is important for our longevity and local responsibility
  • To become less reliant of outside pitch areas that see a lot of playing traffic
  • To become a larger part of the local community, having a space with which to host key club and local events.

Up till this point the locating of a suitable site has proved very challenging however housing developer Larkfleet Homes have recently presented the club with a once in a lifetime opportunity - to have a place to call their own, a base for the club, a home. 

Larkfleet are, as part of a new proposed development on the outskirts of Glinton are planning to allocate the club a substantial piece of land that would allow us to have 2 full size pitches along with a club house and changing facilities, providing not only a hub for the club but also the local community.

To aid the planning application process the club is need of YOUR SUPPORT; we need as many people as possible to sign the following petition to demonstrate the strong level of need we have to have our own home within the local community.

Petition -

An outline of the planned development is attached to this new article. However if you prefer to discuss them first hand Larkfleet are hosting a public exhibition at Glinton Village Hall on Friday October 13th from 3-7pm. Representatives from the club will also be on hand to address any football related queries.